Which Trade Career Is Right For Me?

So, you’re looking for a new career.

Maybe you’re fed up with your 9-5 office job, being stuck behind a desk all day, doing the same work day in and day out.

Perhaps you’ve just finished college or secondary school, and don’t think that university or an apprenticeship is for you. You want to learn from home in your own time, without having to put in too many hours.

Or, maybe you’ve always been pretty handsy around the house. You like doing your own DIY work, you’ve always been interested in home renovations, and you’re starting to think you could make a job out of this.

In any case, you’re considering careers in trade.

But, you don’t know where to start.

What are the average working hours for a welder? What’s the job security like for an electrician? How much income can you expect as an engineer?

Thankfully, we’re here to add some clarification.

Become An Electrician

If you’re the type of person who loves to fix intricate problems and is great at working with their hands, then a career as an electrician may be for you!

Electricians have to work to several high standards as laid out by the UK’s Wiring and Installation Regulators. Because of this, you must be confident in finding clever wiring solutions whilst adhering to these policies. 

It’s no easy task. 

But if you’re creative enough to think outside the box, whilst also knowledgeable enough to work to these high standards, then you’ll thrive in a career as an electrician.

What’s more, training to become an electrician makes you incredibly employable.

Given the high demand for electricians to work on the home installation, professional projects, and as your own boss – you’ll never be short of income or work.

Yes, being an electrician allows you to be your own boss. No more having to work behind a desk and report to someone else. You can set your own hours, work for your own rates, and don’t have to report to anyone.

As well as this, training to become an electrician also gives you the life skills to be able to carry out many side projects. Whether you’ll be renovating houses, working for your mates, or carrying out personal projects: as a certified electrician, the opportunities for side hustles are endless.

If a great income, flexible working hours, mentally stimulating work, and challenging tasks sound like a great environment to work in, then check out our electrician training course here.

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Average Working Hours: According to Electrician Careers Guide, the average electrician will work 37.5 – 43 hours a week.

Average Salary: £33,176 as of 2019, according to Trade Skills 4 U.

Become A Welder

Much like many other trades careers, being a welder does not require any formal education. In fact, all you need to become a great welder is strength, hard work, and dedication.

Oh, and some training of course.

Welding is one of the most fulfilling and satisfactory types of trade work. If you’re the type of person who likes rewarding work and completing projects, then welding is the career for you!

Having the ability to take a few bits of metal and create a beautiful and intricate project is no small task. Especially when you get to see the fruits of your labour, and watch as your hard work and welded project works exactly as you designed it.

What’s more, if you were to think that a career as a welder means simply working on a construction site, you would be mistaken.

In fact, becoming a welder means opening yourself up to the possibility of working in agriculture, construction, the automotive industry, and much more. If you see yourself as the type of person who wants to work in challenging industries with lots of variety, then you’re in the right place.

Thanks to the world we are living in, where every day a new building or project or product is being created, we are undergoing a sort of industrial revolution.

And the material of choice during this revolution? Steel.

Training to become a welder and gaining the necessary knowledge to work with such material can make you employable for years to come. 

If a career as a welder sounds like it could be the right fit for you, then check out our certified welding course here.

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Average Working Hours: According to My Job Search, the average welder will work 38-40 hours a week.

Average Salary: £25,000, according to Total Jobs.

Become A Plumber

Flushing the toilet. Running the water. Having a shower. Heating our homes. Every day we undergo countless activities that require one thing: plumbing.

In fact, plumbing is such an important part of our every day lives that we don’t even realise we’re using it!

And as such, a career as a plumber is a career as an essential worker, someone who provides important and invaluable services to homes across the country.

But if you think it ends there, you’d be wrong.

The Dubai Fountain. The Jet d’Eau. The Bellagio Fountains. How are these all run?


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that training to become a plumber means fixing toilets for the rest of your life. No. A career as a plumber promises endless possibilities and the ability to work on huge and exciting projects.

If you love good old-fashioned practical work, the ability to put some elbow grease in, and you’re not afraid to get your hands messy: plumbing is the job for you.

Plumbers are extremely hard workers, who also know the importance of their role and how essential the work they’re carrying out is.

To be a plumber, you must be dedicated, love working with your hands, enjoy working in new environments, and meeting new people every day, and above all – hard working.

If this sounds like you, then check out our plumbing and heating course here.

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Average Working Hours: According to Total Jobs, the average plumber works 40 hours a week, without including overtime.

Average Salary: £31,370 as of 2019, according to Trade Skills 4 U.

Become A Renewable Energy Engineer

Are you a tradesman already, who is conscious of the waste and resources used in your daily jobs? Perhaps you want to swap to something more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Or maybe you’re looking to start a career in trade but are apprehensive about starting. You don’t want to start a career that produces heaps of waste and is detrimental to the environment.

In any case, the world is becoming more aware of how and why we’re producing so much waste, and how our daily lives are harming the planet.

And, with this, comes a higher demand for individuals and businesses who are seeking renewable energy engineers.

Working as a renewable energy engineer means helping shape the industry and guide it towards more environmentally friendly and greener practices. It’s no easy feat. But, you should take comfort in knowing that it’s an important job.

Renewable energy engineers see themselves working on huge projects – literally. From wind turbines to solar panels, hydraulic and hydroelectric energy, and so much more!

Your daily work life could see you working on projects as simple as attaching solar panels to a client’s home, to installing several wind turbines on a wind farm. The possibilities are endless. 

Average Working Hours: according to the website Prospects, the average renewable energy engineer will work 40 hour weeks.

Average Salary: £35,000, according to Prospects.

Become A Gas Engineer

If you’re an intelligent person who can easily solve problems, whilst also working to a high and professional standard, then you’re the right type of person to become a gas engineer!

Gas engineers need to be Gas Safe registered. This is a process of working to several high standards and regulatory rules to legally work in the UK.

And, because of this, gas engineering is a challenging job. You need to be able to work within these standards whilst also using your problem solving and creativity skills to fix problems fast.

What’s more, a career as a gas engineer also promises a high level of diversity. No two days are the same.

Whether you’re working in homes across the country, working on commercial properties, or even on industrial projects, a career as a gas engineer promises stimulating work with high rewards.

As well as this, training to become a gas engineer also gives you the skills to work on side jobs, work on projects within your own home, and be your own boss.

Being a gas engineer is the type of career that is very stable and reliable. The high demand for gas engineers means that work is constant and you’ll never be shy of a great income!

Average Working Hours: according to Skills Training Group, the average working hours of a gas engineer is 40 hours a week. However, this can be more if working for a 24/7 company.

Average Salary: according to the Telegraph, the average salary of a gas engineer is £36,679.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what a career in each trade entails.

From working as your own boss, to joining other tradesmen, and even working on your own home – becoming a tradesman is a great way of ensuring a great career with a great salary.

So, if you want to start your new learning journey, check out our courses here.

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